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Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 - Single Boot, Multi-Containers, Non-Google Services, DEC Enterprise App Library

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Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 - Single Boot, Multi-Containers, Non-Google Services, DEC Enterprise App Library



Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 smartphone with DEC Secure™ device management and encryption software, provides the highest level of privacy and security for security conscious individuals and high level professionals. Separately purchased DEC Secure Suite scales up from 10 to thousands, requiring installation of a client software and back-end server.

Bittium Containers 4 zones displayed behind Encrypted Phone


Smartphone’s unique hardware security solutions and multilayered security structure is based on the hardened Android™ 10 operating system and is reinforced with the single-boot functionality, running a hardened operating systems for both work or personal use. The operating system also supports Multicontainer feature, enabling the use of several secure, isolated work spaces within one operating system.


Bittium DEC Secure suite image demos

DEC Secure Suite enables remote management of devices and applications of the device fleet, protects sensitive data at rest on the smartphone, as well as encrypted IP-based data transfer.

bittium secure shield for bittium tough phone

Security Without Compromising Usability.
Keep Your Data Safe at All Times!

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Security settings and other parameters of Bittium Tough Mobile 2 operating systems can be configured with DEC Secure Suite to Restricted, Confidential and beyond. This makes it possible to meet the individual security needs of different organizations, further enhancing the smartphone usability.

  • Next generation tamper detection for preventing data theft and spying

  • Hardware-based privacy mode for disabling microphones, cameras, Bluetooth, and reducing sensor sensitivity

  • Trusted boot with hardware and software integrity validation

  • Available in three variants, and with or without Google Mobile Services

  • Designed to be certified for CONFIDENTIAL level

  • Device and data in transit secured with DEC Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software product

  • Data secured at all times with multilayered security integrated in hardware and software

  • Trusted design and manufacturing in Finland

Privacy Button Highlights on Bittium Phone Tough

bittium tough mobile phone camera

Product Design Made to Last!

Fully hardened for hardware and software multilayered security to the highest level making no other mobile phone compare.

MIL-STD-810G shock and drop resistant. Long device lifespan.

Trusted design and manufacturing. IP67 water dust resistant.

5.2” sunlight readable full HD display with Glove & wet usable capacitive touchscreen

12MP autofocus rear-facing and 5MP front-facing cameras

Privacy mode, emergency and push-to-talk buttons

Latest commercial features & Ultra secure communication for Professional & personal use with the same device

Android is a trademark of Google LLC

Bittium for work and personal use
Security Highlights:

Bittium Secure Operating System

  • All data in the device is encrypted with AES-256 encryption (including the memory card, when used in adoptable storage mode)
  • Dedicated secure element (chipset) for storing security keys and providing functionality for encryption and user authentication
  • Backup battery allowing monitoring of the device security and tamper detection at all times, even when the main battery has ran out
  • Android™ 10 Pie operating system with hardened security
  • Hardware-based Privacy Mode preventing ambient listening and spying of user/user environment
  • Hardware tamper detection preventing data theft and device implanting attempts
  • Secure boot, device HW and SW integrity check during boot
  • Disabled debug interfaces preventing attacks against device security
  • Device OS rollback prevention – not possible to use older device firmware for attacking the device
  • Die shield sensor in secure element to protect from physical intrusion and electromagnetic signal sniffing
  • Environmental attack protection in secure element preventing e.g. cryo/cold attacks and power glitch attacks
  • Application permission control – users can allow only trusted applications to access device data and functionality
  • User originated fast wipe of device data

    DEC Secure Suite™

    • Audit logs for security related events
    • Remote wipe of device
    • Remote attestation
    • Application whitelisting support
    • DEC Secure powered by Bittium SafeMove® MDM support
    • DEC Secure powered Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN to encrypt data in transit
    • Hardened password policy
    • Multicontainer feature

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    Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 - Single Boot, Multi-Containers, Non-Google Services, DEC Enterprise App Library

    Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 - Single Boot, Multi-Containers, Non-Google Services, DEC Enterprise App Library