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Roqos Core RC10-P Cybersecurity Fanless Appliance, 4-core 64-bit, 1.91 GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor, Dual Wi-Fi, 2GB memory, and 8GB storage (Residential)

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Roqos Core RC10-P Cybersecurity Fanless Appliance, 4-core 64-bit, 1.91 GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor, Dual Wi-Fi, 2GB memory, and 8GB storage (Residential)



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Get high-end enterprise corporate security for your residence without paying the high-end corporate price. Many homes are vulnerably subjected to dangerous content, and your smart devices might be wide open to a range of hackers. We know this due to the many reports and news coverage of residential owner's security cameras being accessed, computers being attacked with ransomware and more. 

Today’s routers are simply not powerful enough to protect you. Roqos, the first Internet security company that provides cybersecurity, IoT security, VPN and easy home networking with Roqos Core routers, the most powerful home VPN routers constantly and automatically updated for 24x7 protection.
What's inside the roqos RC10-P Router

What's Inside?

High Grade Hardware:

  • High Processing Speed - Roqos Core RC10 with 4-core 64-bit 1.91 GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor, 2GB memory, and 8GB storage provides high speed Internet access while protecting your home offices from harmful content.

  • Sim Dual Band Wi-Fi - Simultaneous Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5 GHz provide ultimate flexibility and performance by providing two independent 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks with total bandwidth of 1600 Mbps.
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch - provides wirespeed connection among your directly connected devices in a rack-mountable fanless chassis.  



roqos connected to devices iot

Providing enterprise grade cybersecurity against malware, automatically updated for new threats.

  • INTRUSION PREVENTION SYSTEM: Widely used by enterprises to block malware, suspicious activities and ransomware.
  • DEEP PACKET INSPECTION: Roqos Core examines every single packet to/from Internet for possible malware.
  • COUNTRY BLOCK: Stop Internet traffic to and from certain countries to protect yourself from their cyber attacks.
  • AD BLOCK: Block advertisements in web pages or applications on your phones and laptops per user or for the whole house.
  • 2nd WiFi: Separate your IoT device in a different WiFi network to isolate possible hacks.
  • PROTECTION OUTSIDE HOME: Protect your users even while they are away from home with Roqos VPN.
  • AUTOMATIC SECURITY UPDATES: Get automatic updates for recent cybersecurity threats.
  • MANAGE MULTIPLE ROQOS CORES: Easily setup and control multiple Roqos Cores from a single login.
  • REAL-TIME ALERTS: Get real-time alerts for all cybersecurity events and suspicious activities.

Roqos Core has been chosen as the best IoT firewall VPN router by CEPro and Commercial Integrator magazines!


OMNIVPN app and on computer

OpenVPN based Roqos VPN provides quickest setup and richest feature set for your privacy and identity protection. Easy to use, click & connect Roqos VPN apps are available on Android, Apple phones and tablets, as well as all Windows and MAC platforms. Also with OMNIVPN™ included 1 year for free, never have to worry about connecting your device online insecurely.
More on Roqos VPN ...

Apps on Phone take control in your hands

Take control in the palm of your hands.

Take control in the palm of your hands. Control your entire home's Internet access within palm of your hand by using Roqos apps available on IoS and Android devices.

  • PAUSE INTERNET: Instantly pause Internet access on all or specific devices.
  • SCHEDULES: Create schedules for blocking Internet access or WiFi at specific times.
  • FILTERS: Use predefined filter categories, or enter your own white/black list of sites.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Get real-time notifications on suspicious activities, network problems via phone or email.
  • HISTORY: View Internet history, time spent on each site by each device. Patented technology.


why people choose roqos routers media coverage

Why Roqos?

VPN Dynamic DNS Service

For amplified security and privacy, connect your devices or your whole house to VPN using your unique domain name.

Automatic Security Updates

No more firmware updates. Roqos Core's cybersecurity signatures, new software and features are automatically and constantly updated.

Hardware Warranty

Roqos Core comes with a life time hardware warranty during your service. We replace any defective unit with free advanced shipment.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Stop worrying about your router's firmware version. Let Roqos manage you router by updating its software automatically.

Real Time Notifications and Weekly Reports

Learn about usage, Internet loss, suspicious activity, new device connection, guest connection, VPN loss, access to blocked countries, etc. via realtime alerts and weekly reports.

Cellular Internet

Securely access internet wherever there is cellular data service by using Roqos cellular appliances.


Roqos Cores connected around the world!


how to set up roqos router

How to set up?

Setting up Roqos Core takes about two minutes via the Roqos app or a web browser. There are usually two scenarios:

  • If you have a cable modem from your ISP, simply connect the Roqos Core to the modem.
  • If you have a router/modem combo, you can connect Roqos Core to one of the switch/LAN ports on the router/modem. You need to disable Wi-Fi in your old router since Roqos Core needs to see Internet traffic from all of your devices.  

Roqos Core is always connected to the Roqos Cloud, which alerts you for events and alarms through app notifications or email, as well as automatically updates your Roqos Core with cybersecurity signatures to protect you from the latest attacks.

Compared to other solutions, Roqos Core is always in between your devices and the internet. It constantly examines the traffic and looks for ransomware, malware, viruses, and DDOS attacks as well as protects your home from inappropriate content right at the source.

Customer Reviews

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Boss Control

Blocking out half the world from access my network. VPN always on makes me feel good when i am on the web. Cool device. I like the app. Control what my kids can access.

Dr. K. Harris
I was being hacked from ireland and didnt know it...

So i got hacked and my CC had 10k worth of fraud. I called spyemporium they recommended some services and this roqos router for my business network. We found out someone from Ireland has been accessing my computer at the office and now that we installed the Roqos we have blocked their IP access. I would say this is worth the money. The features from the roqos allows me access and control conventional routers dont

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Roqos Core RC10-P Cybersecurity Fanless Appliance, 4-core 64-bit, 1.91 GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor, Dual Wi-Fi, 2GB memory, and 8GB storage  (Residential)

Roqos Core RC10-P Cybersecurity Fanless Appliance, 4-core 64-bit, 1.91 GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor, Dual Wi-Fi, 2GB memory, and 8GB storage (Residential)