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SLNT Improve Your Privacy, Security and Health

The Faraday Cage, invented by America scientist Michael Faraday is a revolutionary electromagnetic shield made of a continuous covering of conductive mesh materials. These materials allow the blocking of external electrical fields caused by electric charges from an electronic device which can cancel the fields affect inside the "cage". This finding by Michael Faraday is now used to protect sensitive electronic equipment from external radio frequency interference and to protect people and other equipment from electrical currents such as electrostatic discharges.


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When utilizing SLNT® Silent pocket, you are isolating your electronic device from potential cyber-attacks and data breaches preventing your device from being actively remotely connected to. By using these faraday products by SLNT®, you're ensuring that your electronic smart devices are protected from remote hacking, remote wiping of data/evidence and remote surveillance. This allows you to keep total control of the physical security of your device.

Instantly Block:

  • Cellular
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID
  • Camera
  • EMF Radiation
  • EMP
  • Weather
  • GPS
  • Sat/Nav
  • Solar
  • Key Fob

Take Back Your Privacy.

Data from statistics show that there are over 15 billion digital devices in use today around the world. The amount of digital data presented and transferred amongst devices are in the trillions. This gives a great amount of possible vulnerability to users when using digital devices to hold and transfer private data. With faraday technology, it gives users the chance in protecting their digital privacy by limiting access to their digital devices lessening the possibility of data breaches.

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Regain your privacy

Regain your privacy, security, and health right now!

By owning a SLNT® faraday product, you are being aware by protecting your digital device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the patented Silent Pocket Faraday case work?

Silent Pocket® is a patented signal blocking technology that creates a Faraday Cage around your mobile devices such as phone, tablet or laptop. Once inside the Faraday Cage acts as an impenetrable shield between your mobile device and radio frequency signals, which are emitted and received by your device. For the root of "Faraday" see this link to Michael Faraday the inventor Faraday cage

How does a Faraday cage work?

The Faraday cage was invented by Michael Faraday and is in laymen's terms, a metallic cage that blocks electromagnetic energy. What is inside is unaffected. By utilizing conductive properties such as metal it redistributes the exterior electromagnetic charges in such a way that the interior and exterior fields cancel each other out.

Are Silent Pocket products tested?

Yes the products are MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2 compliant, based on High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Testing compliance by Keystone Compliance.

Will this damage my phone or affect the service?

No. Silent Pocket® products do not damage wireless devices. Service is temporarily interrupted in a passive way, and resumed in 10-20 seconds when the phone is taken out from inside the enclosed Faraday cage.

Why don’t I just turn off my phone?

Great question. Smart phones are never really "off" because you cannot remove the power source. And in many cases phones may still be active even though they appear to be turned off. We view this more as "dormant" even though the phone seems to be off, it may still be able to remember and/or report your location. Slipping your phone into a Silent Pocket® creates an electromagnetic barrier between the phone and the Cellular, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, RFID networks. You're completely off the grid anywhere anytime.

When I remove my device what do I see?

When your phone for example regains service from being in the Faraday cage, it will receive all missed data including texts, emails, voicemails, texts, notifications, alerts, etc. Sometimes it is handy to switch from airplane mode to active to speed up the process of regaining service.

Why should I be concerned about my phones GPS? No one is following me?

Quite the contrary, everyone and everything is following you and tracking your location. If you want to be able to go from point a to point b with no one the wiser (gov, corp, person) then utilizing a Faraday bag is the perfect solution.

Will this drain my battery?

No anymore. When we had flip phones operating on analog yes, your phone would search for service draining your battery. But now your smart phone goes into a hibernation since it is not being pinged by any signals. In fact, leaving your device inside for extended periods of time (ie. overnight) conserves battery life significantly. Try it.

What happens when someone tries to call me?

Your phone rings through normally for the caller and takes them to voicemail. Once you remove your phone, you will receive any voicemails left, but will not see missed calls.

I need my phone alarm. Does that sill work?

Yes, your phone’s alarm will not be silenced and you'll still be able to use the functions of set reminders on the internal time clock. Please note the products are not sound proof, so if you choose to play music, set an internal alarm, or have reminders make sound you can still hear those.

What are some other benefits?

There are many. In addition to fully blocking signals and giving your life more privacy, security and health our products protect against identity theft, scanning and lifting of personal information from RFID chips found in credit cards, passports, ID badges, etc. They also have anti-radiation properties to shield against EMF, EMR and negative health related issues. Our products uniquely live in the hands of many different types of people in many different types of professions from travelers, military, business execs, journalist, yoga instructors to the president of the United States. Believe us, if you have a phone you need a Silent Pocket®.

Do they protect against harmful EMF radiation?

Yes, Radio Frequency (RF) waves are actually varying electric and magnetic fields. Silent Pocket® patented technology in conjunction with Multishield® material lines our SLNT® products to block All RF signals associated with your mobile devices. This includes high frequencies (cellular, WiFi), ELF (extremely low frequencies) and Thermal Heat. Think of it as a cloak, lead box, or safe room uninhibited by the external world or the internal world of the Faraday cage.

What type of leather is used?

We use 100% top grain bovin leather source responsibly from New Zealand. We do not use "genuine" or other misleading materials.

What types of people use these products?

Truly, all walks of life from travelers, government, military, global businesses, lawyers, moms, doctors, small business owners, truck drivers, mechanics, journalists, yoga instructors, and hopefully YOU! Visit our communities on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.

Can I just use a tinfoil to wrap my phone with?

It can in some cases, but not effective enough to call a solution. It would fall in most enviroments from blocking wireless signal. Plus it looks like tinfoil and your $1000 smartphone deserves a little bit more style with a refined SLNT product. Leave the tinfoil for kitchen use.

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Maria Rodrieguez 2 Years ago


Have used this place a few times, always great products and service. They are knowledgeable, professional and personable. My most recent purchases, a dog gps tracker and a covert safe, are both doing their jobs perfectly. Thanks again spy emporium!...

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Charlotte Gladders 2 Years ago


Fantastic quick service. Answered all my enquiries promptly and the delivery was super quick even with me living in England. I would definitely recommend Spy emporium....

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nathan O'grady 2 Years ago

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