7" Silver Solar-powered Dummy Camera w/ Strobe


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Introducing solar-powered LED lights in order to eliminate the cost of replacing batteries. Now we are happy to introduce the next generation of dummy cameras featuring solar-powered motion activated strobe lights! Like a rat scurrying for cover when the lights are turned on, a criminal will flee the bright flash that comes from what they assume is a high tech security camera.


The Seven-Inch Solar-Powered Dummy Camera with Strobe Light can deter robbery, theft or vandalism day or night without the high cost of a real security camera. When placed in your home or business, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premises is guarded by a high-tech surveillance system and go in search of an easier target.

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  • Detection Range: over 15 feet
  • Rain Shield: so that camera can be used anywhere
  • Solar Powered: The flashing LED strobe light can be powered by the sun (which charges the included rechargeable batteries)
  • Size: (including the rain shield and bracket) 10 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches
  • Streetwise Seven-Inch Solar-Powered Dummy Camera with Strobe
  • Fully Adjustable Plastic Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Screws
  • Authentic Video Cable
  • Three rechargeable AA batteries
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