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Storage Soles, the new and discreet way to store valuables. Perfect for emergency cash, house keys, and medicine. Trim the sole to fit your personal shoe size. The reinforced sides and top make them both comfortable and convenient. They are entirely removable and fit securely in the shoe. Just stash your valuables in the Storage Soles and forget about them - you can rest assured knowing they will be stored securely out of site.


storage sole secret compartment safe



  • It provides maximum comfort with minimal thickness.
  • It can be trimmed both horizontally and vertically for nearly any shoe.
  • Engineered to perfectly house the container without you even knowing it's there.
  • Designed in the USA - Precision engineered to the highest standards to pass drop, water, and moisture tests. Made to withstand everyday wear and tear.

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  • Made from Polyurethane Foam
  • Fits all shoes between size 8 and 12
  • Size: 12" x 1.25" x 4" (LWH)
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