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Katana Wi-Fi Mini Audio Recorder (For Law Enforcement Only)

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Katana FT-1 is a miniature voice recorder with built-in Wi-Fi transmitter. It records high quality audio on a MicroSD card. Yet to listen to the records you don’t even have to touch the voice recorder. All the collected data can be downloaded to a FTP server or host computer using ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection or internet direct connect.

To ensure high quality sound and fast upload Katana FT-1 exploits a dedicated audio processor with sophisticated voice compression algorithms (like Vorbis Ogg) and hi-speed Wi-Fi module. So 1 hour of high quality audio recording can be uploaded in just about 14 seconds.


*Board is housed in a ABS protective case


Thanks to the implemented FTP client the records can be uploaded automatically when there is a file to upload or according to a preset schedule. At any other time the transmitter will be turned off. Therefore it is virtually impossible to discover the voice recorder by means of any RF bug detector.

A unique feature of Katana FT-1 audio recorder is internal digital signature function. Unlike the previously available on the market of digital voice recorders Katana FT-1 does not need a computer to generate a file digital signature. The signature which warranties authenticity is generated independently inside the device, thus raising the level of security, and can be uploaded together with the original file over Wi-Fi. Digitally signed records are generally recognized as the evidence in court.

An optional 3G router-buffer can be supplied with Katana FT-1 voice recorder making it possible to download the data over 3G mobile networks.


Katana Wi-Fi Digital Voice Recorder


Katana's Web Control

Katana's Web Control panel designed to work with Katana Wi-Fi voice recorder for simple audio file access, configuration settings and live listening from any web connected PC, tablet or smartphone.

The web control panel includes FTP server, live audio streaming server and web interface with online configuration tool. That saves the user from setting up an FTP server and installing an FTP client or any other software. All that is needed to start using Katana voice recorder is a Web browser.

User-friendly interface displays all records made by all voice recorders connected to the user account. For convenience they can be sorted by device, time or duration of the record. The records can be listened online, downloaded or deleted.

Online configuration tool displays current settings and allows setting of new configurations remotely. User can also make templates or save configuration files to local PC or SD card. 

Note: For Katana's Web Control it will be an additional cost of $150.00 per 1 year cloud service.



  • High-End audio quality
  • Vorbis Ogg compression
  • VOX, scheduled recording
  • Ultra-fast upload via Wi-Fi
  • WiFi signal range - 70 m (Indoors)
  • WiFi signal range- 250 m (line of sight)
  • File upload to remote FTP server
  • Configuration over Internet
  • 3G – Wi-Fi bridge
  • Fast and covert deployment
  • File authentication with digital signature


Note: For Law Enforcement only. All Law Enforcement must send purchase orders via email to All purchase orders must include signed letter head of Government Entity. Any order placed that is not on behalf of a government entity, will be cancelled/refunded.

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  • Digital signature RSA PKCS 1
  • Encryption AES256
  • FTP mode Client mode
  • Antenna Internal/External
  • Wi-fi modes 802.11 b/g/n (client mode)
  • Wi-Fi range 50 - 150 m (up to 500 feet)
  • Scheduled recording Exact date and time, Selectable periods for each day of the week
  • Voice activated recording
  • Audio input Internal/External microphone
  • Bitrate @ 16 kHz Vorbis OGG compressed 20 kbps
  • Compression None (PCM), 4-bit ADPCM, Vorbis Ogg
  • Sample rate 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 44 kHz
  • Audio bit width 16-bit
  • Huge data storage Removable microSD card up to 128 GB
  • Voltage input 3.3 - 6.0 V, powered via USB
  • Battery life 50 hours - up to 3 months standby
  • Battery Li-Pol, 1950 mAh
  • Size: 51 x 38 x 7 mm (PCB board with microphone jack)
  • Kabata FT-1 Wi-Fi Digital Audio Recorder
  • Power Adpater
  • USB Cable
  • External Microphone (optional)
  • Micro SD Card Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
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