Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker + Extended Battery + Mini Magnetic Case & 1 Year Unlimited Service

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Trackimo is an super adaptive technological GPS-GSM gadget allowing you to locate and track your valuables in real-time, automatically notifying when sensing distress signals exceeding speed settings, leaving or entering a fenced zone.

Trackimo's location is accessible through any computer or mobile device from any spot in the world. With unique Revolutionary GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid tracking, Trackimo use 4 different technologies to accurately Locate anything Worldwide. GPS utilizing Global Positioning Satellite technology to locate outdoor within 30-150 feet (10-50 meters) accuracy. Wi-Fi is used for indoor tracking and Bluetooth for the last 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

3G Trackimo GPS tracker includes high efficiency 600mAh Li-Ion battery. It is lightweight and comes with free charging cradle. Device is including SIM card loaded with 1 year international cellular service and working out of the box. With unique Wi-fi tracking for indoor tracking Included waterproof box that can house the Trackimo GPS tracking device with a battery of 3500mAh (replacing the built in of 600mAh) basically 6 times battery life (up to 21 days).

The box is very strong, has a very strong magnet attached to it, and also has special slots (can be seen beside the magnet) to hook it to farm animal belt, cargo, shipments, boat engine, or expensive mobile construction equipment.


The use of the Trackimo 3G is popular among people wanting to track vehicles, drones, packages and assets. 



  • Speed alert - get alerts once device exceeds preset speed
  • Fence alert - get alerts once device leaving geo-fence you set
  • Move alert - get alerts once device starts moving
  • SOS alert once SOS button pressed + 2 more preset alerts buttons
  • Get app, email and/or SMS alerts
  • Live tracking of device path with 1 minute updates
  • Long battery life: 1 month in battery save mode (6x updates/day)
  • Smallest and lightest tracker, only 1.4 Ounce
  • Manage and add up to 100 devices to one account
  • Keep history for up to 5 years showing complete device path history
  • Can set a link to share by email of website embed the device's live path
  • Attach with the supplied clip to pets, belt, bag, pocket
  • Water resistant: product comes with silicon cover
  • Wi-fi tracking for indoor tracking

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  • No Activation Fee
  • 1 Year Initial Tracking Free
  • After 1 Year - $60 Annually
*The monthly service pays for the worldwide SIM card using the GSM cellular network to report the real time positioning of the device (just like AT&T, T-mobile, Rogers, etc. has monthly fee).
Trackimo GPS
  • Battery Activity time: 48-96 hours
  • 600mah Lithium-ion battery (Standby time 144+ hr) Batteries
  • Update Rate: Once per minute
  • Network Band: Quad gsm 850 / gsm 900 / dcs 1800 / pcs 1900
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Size: L: 1.8”, W: 1.6”, H: 0.7” (L: 47mm, W: 40mm, H: 17mm)
Extended Battery
  • Battery: 3500mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery life:up to 21 days or up to 1 year in batt save mode
  • Battery life depends on ping rate and cell signal strength
Waterproof Magentic Case
  • 63 mm x 58.5 mm x 42.5 mm
  • Trackimo universal 3G tracker
  • Waterproof box with magnet
  • Power Pack 3500mAh battery
  • Tracker accessories and attachments
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