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Spy Emporium is a professional digital investigation company that provides skilled services in the areas of mobile device forensics, computer forensics, high-tech investigations, electronic discovery and data recovery. We serve every industry, from law firms, local businesses, government agencies, and the everyday individual worldwide. We deliver objective, thorough and legally sound results – so you can have the foundation laid for informed decisions.

A teenager, cheating significant other, or dishonest employee may not be forthcoming, but chances are you can know all you need and more from their computer, mobile device, or tablet. It will be like having the vault of knowledge at your fingertips. Our digital forensics investigator will uncover the pieces, compile them in a readable format and present them to our client.

Call us today for more information, to setup an appointment, or just stop in with your equipment, and we will be happy to dissect it and locate the needed information.

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