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InterGuard Employee Monitoring (Advanced Edition) - 1 Year

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InterGuard Employee Monitoring (Advanced Edition) - 1 Year




Track all staff activity with InterGuard employee monitoring software from any endpoint across your distributed workforce. Monitor staff activity to improve productivity and safeguard your business.


Employee Monitoring: Report, Alert and Control Employee Activity

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software can track exactly what your employees are doing on their computers. You can easily search recorded data to view logs and screenshots of employee activities.

What use case best describes your company's employee monitoring needs?


Productivity Monitoring

Employee monitoring software gives you more time to plan business growth, by automating the time-consuming job of manual employee productivity tracking. InterGuard gives you quantifiable metrics on time spent on websites and apps that you consider productive or non-productive.

Insider Threat Detection

Make sure employees aren’t abusing your trust with employee monitoring software. Get alerted to suspicious activity and stop data ex-filtration before a malicious or negligent employee causes an insider data breach.

Employee Investigations

InterGuard employee monitoring software logs and records all employee computer activity, giving you the evidence you need to act fast in internal, criminal or civil investigations. InterGuard's invisible agent can be deployed silently and remotely, so the target of the investigation is not alerted.




What makes InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software Different?

No Network Required

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software is deployed on the endpoint, which means that its always being monitored even if an employee works remotely from home, from the office or spends part of the time on the road.



What Does InterGuard Employee Monitoring Software Include?


Customizable Reports

Pre-configured & customizable employee monitoring reports can be viewed online or sent to you by email. You can easily create different reports based on 1000’s of data points in order to see the exact data you need. Then share, print, email or export them.

Screenshots, Videos & Logs

InterGuard makes it easy for you to see what your employees are doing, whether by capturing screenshots the moment a risky behavior occurs or letting you playback entire session recording to get the full picture.

Real-Time Alerts

Catch potential problems before they become severe with employee monitoring software. Set up alerts to inform you when employees attempt to visit restricted sites, download non-productive programs and apps, perform computer activities that fall outside normal individual or team behaviors.



Employee Monitoring Software: Reporting Features

Get the most out of your employee monitoring software with detailed reports that give you a true visual representation of what your employees really do day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-by-month. InterGuard comes loaded with more than 100 pre-set reports, as well as an easy custom report generator that lets you create and schedule your own granular reports for your unique business needs.



User Activity Reports

Receive ad-hoc or scheduled employee monitoring reports detailing employee activities. Find out which employees spend the most time writing emails or which workers devote the most time to surfing the web. Employee monitoring software gives you the clarity you need to manage a productive workforce.

Productivity Reports

Get detailed reports to find out track how much employee time on productive vs non-productive activities using business computers. Understand why your most successful employees are so efficient, and why your less successful ones are lagging behind.

User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Deviation from normal employee behavior may indicate a disturbance in the workforce. Employee monitoring software tracks anomalous behavior for on and off-site employees. You receive reports on abnormal behaviors - giving you the contextual information so you can decide if the unusual activity is legitimate.


Employee Monitoring: Alert Features

Get alerted to information about suspicious and restricted activities in real-time so you can react quickly and prevent destructive employee incidents.




Alert Flagging System

InterGuard’s employee monitoring software utilizes a user-friendly interface. Quickly assess the status of an alert by its color and make log your notes so you’ll have a record of how the incident was handled.

DLP Detection

InterGuard employee monitoring helps prevent insider data breaches. Get notified if an employee is sending or sharing your sensitive information by outlook, webmail, USB or cloud-hosting file sharing sites.

Anomalous Behavior

From both a security and a productivity standpoint, you need to be alerted when an employee’s behavior falls outside their normal behavior patterns. InterGuard detects unusual activity by sniffing out anomalies in employee activities.



Employee Monitoring Software: Activity Recording and Tracking

InterGuard gives you granular control over what activities and programs are monitored by department, group or individual. InterGuard software is deployed on the endpoint, so the same recording rules apply even when the employee is working remotely.


To see what this software records and tracks, please view the specifications.

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InterGuard Employee Monitoring (Advanced Edition) - 1 Year

InterGuard Employee Monitoring (Advanced Edition) - 1 Year