Bulletproof Kids Emoji™ Backpack (Orange) - School Kids Body Armor


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Cute Bulletproof Backpacking While Protecting Your Kids

With school shootings at an all time high it's no wonder why a parent would be worried about their child attending school. That's why if you equip your child with this modified Emoji™ Backpack for ballistics, you will assure greater security for your child. This unique Backpack it weighs slightly a pound more than a normal backpack, but it relives much worry knowing your child will be safe at school with  bulletproof protection! It’s like having a bodyguard with your child all the time and it looks cute.  

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Why would I be worried free?

Because you will have peace of mind knowing that the Emoji™ bulletproof Backpack offers protection from nearly all handgun rounds (including a .44 Magnum) as well as sharp or pointed weapons.

      Customer Reviews

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      Seems like a good product

      I just got this backpack for my kid. Seems durable and the emojis are hilarious. My child likes it. Back pack is not heavy for my 6 year son.

      • 3.5” x 12“ x 16.5” internal dimensions
      • 8” x 7” external zippered pocket with three slots for pens/keys/phones/etc.
      • 8.5” x 5” zippered pocket with rubber zipper pull
      • Tested to NIJ level 3A bulletproof standards
      • Capable of stopping nearly all handgun rounds (even 9mm and .44 Magnum)
      • The highest level of protection currently available for lightweight (soft) armor
      • Streetwise Emoji™ Bulletproof Backpack ORANGE
      • Rear Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack Insert
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