Professional RF Detection & Camera Finder Investigation Sweep Kit

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Never be without all the tools you need to aid in the ever growing concern for privacy. Whether you are a TSCM specialist, corporate executive or a concerned traveler. This investigation sweep kit can help you maintain the privacy you or your client expect. Out fitted with our very popular Pro-G10 Cell phone, GPS and RF detector, wand high gain detector and the Spyfinder Pro the easiest tool for locating non-transmitting hidden cameras.



SpyFinder Pro hidden camera lens finder, no transmission signal required

iProtect High Frequencies detector form 4-GHZ to 13-GHZ

PRO-10G Radio Frequency from 10MHz ~ 10GHz, finds Cellphones GSM-CDMA and WCDMA

Help clients or individuals protect homes, offices, server rooms, hotel rooms or vehicles. The bug, camera & GPS detectors included in this kit can help assist in finding Analog or digital surveillance devices.

Never again travel without protection from hidden cameras or GPS tracking. Each device has its own specialized purpose to help locate unwanted surveillance devices.

Perfect kit for TSCM or government investigator as a add on for their investigations arsenal.

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  • Tactical Case
  • SpyFinder PRO
  • iProtect Detection Wand
  • Cell Phone GPS Detector
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