The Whole House Plug RF/EMF Neutralizer


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Being the first and only of its kind on the market within Virto studies proving human DNA can be safe guarded from the damaging effects of RF/EMF. By countering bio-electrical patterns generated by wireless phones and blocks 100% of the detrimental effects from EMFs on human DNA. The Whole House Plug Neutralizer provides protection from molecular, electrical, and thermal radiation emitted from electronic devices. This chart shows before and after EMF fields using the Neutralizer:  

The Whole House Neutralizer Plug


The Whole House Neutralizer plug is intended for use in your home or office. It neutralizes the EMFs coming from all electrical devices plugged into the inside or outside of the home or office and prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house.

It fits into any AC electrical outlet to retune the wiring. It covers up to 5,000 square feet, or 1,524 square meters, depending upon the electrical usage in the space. It can take up to three days to retune the wiring in the building



The whole house plug in an electric socket

Your home or office’s built in wiring system lets the Whole House Neutralizer power through your space and neutralizes every device plugged into any outlet such as your microwave, television, computer, telephone, refrigerator, etc. It does not use any electricity.



  • Neutralizes the effect of man-made EMF exposure on humans
  • Works on other EMF Radiating Devices Too (computers, microwaves, TVs, baby monitors)
  • Will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission
  • The natural coherent energy emanating neutralizes the incoherent energy from man-made EMFs, rendering it harmless to human DNA
  • No complicated installation procedure

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  • Neutralizer up to 5,000 sq.ft
  • EMF
  • RF
  • Size: 2 x 1 x 1 inches
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