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STronic URP125-075 Ultimate Mini Pro Recorder w/ 125 Day Standby


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If you are seeking one of the best digital voice recorders available on the market, look no further than the STronic URP125-075. Microphone is embedded at the bottom of the audio recording device. USB input for easy connection by included USB cable to a PC. The main feature is it's superb ability to record supreme sound quality while maintaining low battery consumption.

The STronic URP125-075 has incredible voice detection mode of 125 days. That is more than almost any other device available. It comes at an affordable price and will definitely meet your needs.

Other features definitely worth mentioning are the easiness with which this device is operated, it has one switch which you can put to two positions. One position is continuous recording and the other one is a voice activated recording.

The recording time goes up to 75 hours which is incredible when you take the size of the device into consideration. The device comes already equipped with great microphones, which gives you the ability to listen to up to 10 meters.



  • Control - Simple control ( 3 positional system, ON/OFF and Voice activation) 
  • Microphone - Very sensitive microphones, which are able to pick up voice or noises in a radius up to 30 feet. 
  • Size - Miniature size (50 x 21 x 10mm) makes this device ideal for pocket usage. It is easily operated with a tip of your finger.  
  • Battery Life - Incredible battery life, this spy recorder can go up to 125 days in voice detection and 75 hours of continuous recording. These values can vary based on the battery type. 

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  • 8GB Capacity
  • Hours of Recording: XHQ - 144hrs; HQ 288hrs
  • 150 Hour Standby Battery
  • 250 Day Standby in Voice Activation Mode
  • 30 Feet Microphone Pick Up Range
  • Voice Activation
  • Size: 76 x 33 x 14 mm
  • STronic URP 125-075
  • Charging cable
  • Charger
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